Monthly Archives: December 2010

Arctic trip part two

Here’s another look at the Artic trip I was recording on in 2010 with the Channel 9 show Guide To The Good Life. Yes, we really did get that close to wild polar bears!

Arctic Adventure

Earlier this year I was working on the Channel 9 show Guide to the Good Life produced by WTFN Entertainment. One of our more exciting destinations was an expedition to the Arctic. Here’s a little look at where we went.

Puma After Hours Athletes

A short promotional video for Puma shot around Melbourne with the Danger From Deer guys.

Sea Legs Trailer

Another short film directed by Alex Watkins from Who By Fire productions that I recorded on last year. Beatifully shot by Ben Helweg on a Canon 7D.

Nine Feet Teeth

Here’s the trailer for the film Nine Feet Teeth that I recorded on. It’s a collection of short films presented by AUTOBUS.

Once Bitten – Part Three

Part three of the Once Bitten films directed by Alex Watkins for the Melbourne Bicycle Festival 2010 which I sound recorded on. Enjoy!

Once Bitten – Part One

A little short film I recorded with super-director Alex Watkins for the Melbourne Bike Festival 2010.